How to Use Clickfunnels to Create Online Marketing Funnels That Make Money

Today I’d like to talk about ClickFunnels and what it can and cannot do for your business. As you may know, I’m getting more involved in creating “funnels” — multi-step marketing processes on the Internet — largely due to client demand. Its virgin territory for a copywriter: there are thousands of financial and health businesses […]

The Big Idea in Investment Newsletter and Financial Services Marketing

Professional copywriters know that, when it comes to marketing investment newsletters and financial services, success often comes down to just three components: 1. The Big Idea you are trying to communicate… 2. The headline… 3. The lead or first 3 or 4 paragraphs. When you get those three elements right, the rest of the promotion […]

8 Easy Ways to DOUBLE Your Opt-In Response Rates

A “squeeze” or “opt-in” page is the web page that visitors land on after they click on a search engine keyword. The only purpose of an opt-in or squeeze page is to elicit a specific response from a website visitor — usually to give a name and an email address in exchange for specific information. […]

Better Guarantees = More Money

I learned a lot about guarantees from Jay Abraham. Many years ago, I worked on a promotion for his newsletter with Tom Phillips, back when Phillips ran Phillips Publishing. To prepare for the promo, I attended one of his $5,000 marketing boot camps and read every word of every report he had available then. I […]

The Return of the Long Form Sales Letter or Landing Page

Camtasia-based video sales letters still seem to deliver a small lift in response but they are no longer the magic bullet there were just two or three years ago. As a result, many online marketers are ramping up their optin pages with full-blown newscasts complete with professional-looking “anchors,” celebrity or author interviews and even feature […]