The Big Idea in Investment Newsletter and Financial Services Marketing

Professional copywriters know that, when it comes to marketing investment newsletters and financial services, success often comes down to just three components:

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1. The Big Idea you are trying to communicate…

2. The headline…

3. The lead or first 3 or 4 paragraphs.

When you get those three elements right, the rest of the promotion merely builds on and accentuates them: the proof elements (track record, testimonials and data), the benefits, guarantee and call to action.

As a result, the big problem for most of us is finding the Big Idea and the headline to go with it. The reason why it”s a big problem is because our prospects… investors, traders, money managers… have seen and heard virtually everything. There is very little new under the sun. Yet for a Big Idea to be compelling, it must be…

New: It should be something NEW that prospects haven”t heard before… or should communicate a new and interesting fact that explains what everyone else is saying.

Shocking: A Big Idea is usually shocking. It should wake people up, rattle them a bit, make them stand up and take notice.

Not Benefit Driven: A good Big Idea isn”t a sales pitch. Rather, it communicates mobile casino new and shocking information that, by its very nature, implies but doesn”t state a possibly huge benefit.

Not Focused on the Product: Every financial promotion is usually geared around a “unique” service or newsletter or approach. That”s a given. As a result, that”s boring. Of course your product or service is unique. If it wasn”t, you wouldn”t be offering it to the public.

No, in the financial world, a good Big Idea is generally focused on an original take on something everyone already knows — a startling fact about a This site allows parents to submit applications online for free defensive driving course and programs that are centrally managed by the Office of Access and Enrollment: magnet elementary schools, magnet cluster schools, elementary open enrollment schools, magnet high free defensive driving course and programs, Selective Enrollment Elementary Schools, Selective Enrollment High Schools, International Baccalaureate High Schools, Military Academies, and CTE-College and Career Academies. key market, a contrarian analysis, a shocking new development. If you find that startling, shocking, contrarian fact, you can build a very successful promotion around it — and make a lot of money.

Let me give you an example. Everyone and their mother is now predicting a bond market wipeout. That”s because government bonds are in a bubble… and bubbles, as we know, must eventually pop. But I have a client who goes against the grain and is predicting negative interest rates. He believes we are in a decade-long deflationary spiral that is going to slowly bring prices for virtually everything back down to earth. Gold is going to plummet. Inflation will be non-existent. As a result, he recommends investors buy U.S. Government Zero Coupon Bonds and make a killing that way.

This is a fairly contrarian point of view — and we”ve built a very successful campaign around the Big Idea that you can get rich by investing in the world”s safest investment.

My point is this: To create a successful promotion for an investment newsletter or financial services company, you have to dig deep to discover a new and shocking development that, with a little extra savvy, can help prospects make money. You don”t have to connect all the dots for them. In fact, it”s better if you don”t. But you do have to provide them with compelling, new information that makes them sit up and take notice. Do that, and you”ll have a success.


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