The Return of the Long Form Sales Letter or Landing Page

Camtasia-based video sales letters still seem to deliver a small lift in response but they are no longer the magic bullet there were just two or three years ago.

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As a result, many online marketers are ramping up their optin pages with full-blown newscasts complete with professional-looking “anchors,” celebrity or author interviews and even feature segments.

For front-end acquisition efforts, these video productions certainly work.

Here is an example of a hugely successful front-end campaign with top-notch video production values.

The only problem is: they cost a fortune to produce!

As a result, more and market online marketers are going back to basics and the long form sales letter or landing page.

For one thing, they”re relatively cheap to create.

Second, because they are relatively cheap, you can test a lot more — test headlines, offers, major themes.

When combined with a good follow-up email online casino campaign, the traditional long form sales letter or landing page still can produce a lot of front-end revenue. It requires that you pay attention to the fundamentals of online casinos good copywriting with…

… an attention-grabbing headline preferably tied to the news or a shocking, contrarian idea…

… a dramatic statement of the problem your prospects are facing…

… the reason why this problem can actually be solved fairly easily…

… why your product or service can do this for them…

overwhelming proof why this is so…

… an exciting offer loaded up with concrete help and specific benefits…

… and a statement of risk-reversal so strong and fair that you”d have to be crazy not to at least give it a try.

Do all these things clearly, honestly, with a maximum amount of specificity and proof and a minimum amount of hype — and you get sales.

Sometimes a lot of sales.

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