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Copywriting Solutions was founded in 1999 by veteran copywriters to provide top-quality, professional copywriting and marketing services for financial and investment-related businesses. Our clients include some of the largest financial mailers in the world, including Rodale, Newsmax, The Motley Fool, Hampshire Labs, Kiplinger’s, InvestorPlace Media, Street Authority, Money Map Press, Investors Alley, Investor Verlag, Agora Financial, Eagle Financial Publishing, KCI, Market Authority, Weiss Research, Hume, Horizon Publishing, Wall Street Digest, The Bob Livingston Letter, TradeWins, Jane’s Fighting Ships, British-American, Robbins Trading Company, World Cup Championships, Lind Commodities, Refco, Casey Research, The Ken Roberts Company, Paramount Digital Publishing, WrapManager, The Chartist, and more.

We create winning sales promotions and provide editorial services for investment newsletters, trading advisory services, trading software companies, web publishers, mutual funds and brokerage companies.

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