The Problem of Proof in Video Sales Letters

Financial services and financial adviser marketing has changed markedly in the past few years. In many ways, it”s a lot easier to market financial advisers, financial newsletters, forex and commodities advisories and financial planning services than it was only a few years ago.

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One reason: It”s easier today to prove to prospects that you can deliver the goods!

We do a lot of product launches for financial advisers, financial newsletters, online trading services, forex and commodities services, and more.  As a result, we get see the results of dozens of tests for each launch.  In the past few years, I”ve noticed a definite trend in the use of what I like to call “no possibility of BS” social proof in video sales letters — the gold standard being, of course, the “video walk through” of an adviser”s online trading account or track record.

For decades now, financial advisers and investment newsletter editors have talked about their track records. All that”s fine, but in our hyper-skeptical world — in which no one trusts anything you say — the gold standard of proof is now the brokerage walk-through. That”s because anyone with 10 minutes of trading experience knows that financial advisers or financial newsletter editors can cherry-pick their track records. They know that a financial adviser may have made 856% on his Oil Stock July $65 call… but also lost all of his money on the next 10 trades.

Here”s how a brokerage video walk-through works.

In the first or second video in your product launch, the financial adviser conducts a video “walk through” of one of his (or her) trading accounts. Using online video software, such as Camtasia, the adviser logs onto his brokerage account (with the account numbers blurred out later) and then literally conducts a little tour. He shows when the account was opened… scrolls through the hundreds or thousands of closed and open trades… highlights commissions paid… and then shows bottom line profits as Laos has three full-fledged casinos – the King’s Roman within the Golden Triangular special economic zone (SEZ) around the Thai/Myanmar border, as well as the Savan Las vegas in Savannakhet province and also the Dansavanh Nam Ngum Resort around the Thai border in Laos’ capital Vientiane – in addition to a quantity of slot machine game venues, including one out of Vientiane that simply opened up recently. well as “opening day” account balances and “right now” account balances.

“Okay, here I am inside of my eTrade account,” the financial adviser might say. “As you can com/plzT4ovO13 ) April 9, 2014Shots, which launched in November, is an app that allows users to post a selfie to their followers, much like other social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram. see, I opened this particular trading account on November 5, 2009, with $10,000. Over the next 24 months, I made 128 individual trades. Here, I”ll scroll down through these so you can see them. As you see, I had a few losers but most of these worked out very, very well. Over all, of the 128 trades about 96 were winners and and 32 were losers. We had an average gain of 58% per trade. I paid $1,282 in commissions. Now, here”s the part I really want you to see. Remember, I told you I opened this account with $10,000. Here, I”ll go back so you can see that again. Now, let me scroll down so you can see the account balance as of the close of trading today. Here, I”ll zoom in on this. As you can see, as of right now this account has a balance of $87,634.23. That means I”ve netted a total profit of $77,634.23 over the past 24 months of trading. That represents a total return of 676.3% — or 178% per year. On a monthly basis, it”s “only” 8.9% per month.”

Anyway, you get the idea. For the Doubting Thomases of this world, seeing really is believing… and this video “walk through” represents a real seeing. This is the gold standard now in social proof for financial advisor marketing. If you”re not using this technique, you should be… because it can multiply the effectiveness of your promotions by a factor of 8 or 9 times!

As a means of proof, you really can”t beat it. The only problem is that such an approach is fraught (don”t you love that word? fraught!) with legal complexities. You have to make sure your counsel signs off on whatever it is you”re doing and that you have the proper disclaimers in place. Depending upon the service or product being offered, in many cases the lawyers won”t allow you to use this sort of social proof at all. Some demand that any adviser highlighting a recent successful trading track record must also disclose all previous track records throughout his or her entire career! Yikes.

The bottom line is this: If you want to successfully market your financial advisory service, financial newsletter, forex or commodity trading service, you have to offer your prospects definitive, incontrovertible, no-B.S. proof that you really can do what you claim… which is, make money. The more proof you can provide, the more customers you will have. It”s really that simple.

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