What past and present clients say about Robert Henderson and Copywriting Solutions:

Amy Long-2“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bob on several projects now and each and every time I am consistently overwhelmed by his creativity, his thorough grasp of the end goals and his commitment to the clarity and accuracy of his copy. He brings game-changing ideas to the table and opportunities to work with him always result in my walking away with some brand new strategy or technique that I hadn’t thought of before. Not only is he an extremely gifted writer who understands the trials and tribulations of the individual investor from many different angles, he is also without question a brilliant educator, providing new insights and ideas to his clients, peers and colleagues. Count yourself lucky if you are able to secure some time in his busy schedule — and get ready for phenomenal results!”
Amy Long
Senior Vice President & Publisher, InvestorPlace Media

Lee Camp“We hired Robert to help us with a multi-video product launch for a high-end trading service. He wrote all of the video scripts and traffic driver emails – and we were thrilled with the results. We saw an open rate of 28% and the actual sales conversions were off the charts. More than half of the viewers who watched Robert’s Video Sales Letter bought our $995 product. With just a small list, we brought in a tremendous amount of money. I highly recommend Robert for any investment related product launch or promotion.”
Lee Campbell
Sr. Vice President of Business Development at Investors Alley

Wayne“We have worked with Robert Henderson and his marketing company for many years. Bob is one of our most reliable go to copywriters and marketing strategists. He and his team consistently provide top-quality sales promotions, video scripts and email marketing campaigns on time and on budget. Using his conversion optimization strategies, we’ve been able to dramatically increase our open and click-through rates… and, on some promotions, we’ve seen gross revenues increase several times over. I highly recommend Robert as a marketing copywriter and strategist.”
Wayne Ellis
Eagle Financial Publications

Caroline“We hired Robert to talk to us about successful video promotions that he’s written for other publishers, but he did more than that… He gave us an entire marketing plan for our new products and the place to look for new promotion techniques ourselves. Where other presenters give you information only, Robert also gave us insight, ideas and a new way to look at our existing marketing efforts. Thank you for a great week with you professionally and personally!”
Caroline Bledowski
Financial copywriter, VNR (Germany)

Shannon“We hired Robert Henderson’s financial marketing company and couldn’t be happier with the results he’s given us. His first promotion for us resulted in a 43% increase in revenue/sent and a 30% increase in response over our most successful promo (for one particular product) this year. We’re delighted.”
Shannon Slattery
Schaffer’s Options

Frank“LinkedIn only allows you to select 3 attributes to best describe a person’s work. If I could, I’d select all seven of them. Robert (Bob) has done a fantastic job of delivering a great product for a great price, did it on time, and ultimately was a joy to work with. I would hire Bob and his company again, and again, and again! Work with him once, and you’ll feel the same. I guarantee it!”
Frank Curtin
Paramount Digital

Henning“Robert spent a week in our Publishing Company and teached us the art of video promotions. He is an outstanding expert on this topic and we learned a lot of things that will help us to do more successful marketing. He is also an expert in classic copywriting and provided many helpful tips for our promotions. Robert is a friendly and helpful guy with a great sense of humor, which makes working with him a real pleasure. I’m sure that his efforts with us will generate a huge boost in success. I’m looking forward to work with him again.”
Henning Hohmann
Copywriter and Direct Marketing Consultant

Norman“Robert did a great in-house seminar for our publishing company. I got very good feed-back from the participants. His wealth of marketing strategies, his sincere help for every publication was greatly appreciated by the participants. Even after the seminar Robert was extremely helpful in giving advice and expertise to whoever asked him.  I like his style and welcome him back to our company as soon as possible.”
Norman Ridker
Founder, VNR

Bill“In an increasingly competitive marketplace, we are finding that outstanding copywriting and cutting-edge, high-impact design really make a difference. We came to Robert Henderson to help us increase sales in a hurry – and that is what he did. His talented team took tired, old promotions for products that weren’t selling very well and, in a matter of weeks, gave us sizzling direct mail packages that increased sales 225% over the results we were getting before. We went from a 0.49% response rate to a 1.11% response with an average order of $114. If you need help bringing in more money in a hurry, I highly recommend Robert Henderson. He’s fast, professional, reasonably-priced and get results.”
William Hudlow
Hampshire Labs

“Robert is a true professional. He brings a wealth of experience to every project. He is dedicated to creating compelling copy and that makes all the difference when it comes to converting readers to paid members. I have been thrilled with the results so far and look forward to working with Robert for years to come.”
Shannon Miller
Vice President and Group Publisher

In addition, here is a selected list of our clients over the years:

  • The Motley Fool
  • Boardroom
  • Angel Publishing
  • Investors Alley
  • Wealth Insider Alliance
  • Agora Financial
  • Newsmax
  • Street Authority
  • InvestorPlace Media
  • Money Map Press
  • Weiss Research
  • Hampshire Labs
  • Kiplinger’s
  • Health Resources
  • Healthy Directions
  • Robbins Trading Company
  • Eastman Communications
  • The Ken Roberts Company
  • British-American
  • Strategic Profits
  • Wall Street Digest
  • Lind Forex
  • Jane’s Fighting Ships
  • Hume Publishing
  • KCI
  • Soundview Publishing
  • Horizon Publishing
  • James DiGeorgia
  • Wyatt Investment Research
  • Lombardi Publishing/li>
  • Intelligence Digest/li>

… and many more.

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