People always want to know our rates. Of course, the truth is that every project is different and subject to negotiation. But the rates below are fairly typical of professional financial copywriting in the United States and Canada. You can find writers who charge much less but you do get what you pay for…


WordPress Site Creation — $5,000 and up
We can create customized WordPress sites for your business that includes both design and copy based on the powerful and widely used WordPress platform.

Marketing Funnels — $15,000 and up
Using the Clickfunnel architecture, this is a multi-step marketing process that typically includes an optin or “squeeze” page, a thank you page with OTO or “one time offer,” an exit pop, and multiple upsell and downsell offers. Ideal for businesses that sell expensive products and services and for lead generation.

Video Sales Letters — $15,000 and up
We write the scripts for dozens of Video Sales Letters every year and can also produce the finished videos that are ready for use on Internet pages.

Internet Product Launch — $15,000 and up
Based on the principles of Jeff Walker’s famous Product Launch Formula, an Internet launch package typically consists of scripts for two to three “pre-launch” videos, a video sales letter and a series of emails (typically 12) for both house files and affiliates.

Website package — $5,000 and up
Ideal for smaller enterprises, small advisory services, or promotion of a unified product line, this includes copy for a home page and 5 to 10 additional pages.

Webpage/online sales letter — $8,000 -$12,000
Long copy on a single website designed to sell a single product directly. This online letter is approximately equivalent to a 6- to 24-page print sales letter.

Landing page (long copy) — $8,000
When a website is more than you need, a landing page may be the best choice. The online equivalent to a 2 to 4 page sales letter.

Landing page (short copy) — $5,000
Typically includes a headline, several pages of descriptive copy, and the offer.

Long copy email — $1,250 and up
An email designed to sell a product directly by driving recipient to a landing page. Similar to a 2 to 4 page print sales letter.

Short copy email — $500
A short email designed to drive readers to a website or long-copy landing page where they can order the product. Equivalent to a 1/2 to 2-page sales letter.

Lead-generation email — $500
Similar to short copy email, but the purpose is not to sell a product or service directly. Rather, the reader is driven to a landing or transaction page to request inquiry fulfillment material such as a free report or free video.

Email conversion series — $2,500 minimum
A series of follow-up emails, usually sent via autoresponder, to convert inquiry into sale.

Online sales package — $12,000
Website or long-copy landing page with two different headlines and leads to test; three short copy emails, and three online ads.

E-zine content — Negotiable
Typically charge $1 per word. Short and long articles and promotional blurbs. Only available with multi-issue contract.

Copy or Website Critique — $2,500 and up
Multi-page report evaluating over 30 elements of your site’s copy, design, navigation, and usability, with an emphasis on the strength of the copy.


Direct Mail package — $15,000 and up
Used for both lead and order generation, the package may include a multi-page sales letter, response device, brochure, buck slip, sales sheet, premium recommendations and more

Sales Letter — $10,000 and up
Used for order generation, sales letters are usually 12 to 20 pages, including response device.

Self-mailer, 11 x 17 (single fold) — $5,000 and up
Used for order generation for a single product or limited line of related products. Respond device is included.

Advertorial – $5,000 and up
An advertorial is typically a one-page ad that is made to read and look like a newspaper article.

Newsletter or ezine copy – Per quote. Typically charge about $3 per word for e-zine or newsletter copy.

Press release — (1-2 pages) $500 and up

Complete media kit — $8,000 and up

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