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We??™ve been professional financial and marketing writers all our lives. Most started out in journalism??¦ became editors??¦ wrote books??¦ and then, in the mid-1990s, became direct response copywriters, working for all the usual big-time mailers.

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After the turn of the millennium, we began doing email and landing page promotions for the companies (such as The Motley Fool) that were already making the jump to light speed and had a substantial presence on the Internet. Lately, we??™ve been working for some of the top Internet marketing companies that use such state-of-the-art tactics and technologies as Jeff Walker??™s Product Launch Formula and Mike Filsaime??™s viral marketing techniques.

We specialize in copy intensive projects that take a lot of time and research. These include product launches (such as new financial newsletters), conference promotions and special-report-driven marketing campaigns. We write as easily as we breathe ??” and it??™s true that we tend to help hard-charging entrepreneurs who need a tremendous amount of top-quality copy and appreciate it. As you can see from our portfolio, we??™ve produced a tremendous amount of copy-intensive magalogs and direct mail packages (24, 48, even 80 pages long). Our clients tend to be super-successful entrepreneurs who sell products for between $2,500 and $10,000.

We all are firm believers in the Big Idea. As a result, we??™ve specialized in niches that require a lot of thought and tend to be idea-driven ??” including financial services, investments, health, personal development, travel and Internet marketing services. We??™ve ghost-written newsletters and e-zines for many celebrity ???gurus,??? and we like working with smart people who have a strong point of view.

We create effective marketing communications for businesses in all stages But it does not matter! An horoscope for aries is casino always ready and never exhausted, according to the Scouts” motto. of growth, from small start-ups to some of the largest companies in the world.

We also work with smaller advertising agencies and public relations firms. Our editorial and copywriting services can help you successfully develop almost any type of collateral, including web sites, direct mail packages, magalogs, brochures, special reports, executive summaries, newsletters, e-zines and press releases. Among the services we provide are:

** Website copy
** Autoresponder series
** Long-form sales letters
** Landing pages
** Opt-In or ???Squeeze??? Pages

** Magalogs
** Bookalogs
** #10 Component Packages
** Sales Letters

** Blog posts
** E-zines
** Newsletters
** Advertorials

** Product Launch strategy
** Direct mail consulting
** List referrals
** Viral marketing concepts

The perfect client for us is an overworked, creative entrepreneur who could write his or her own copy and marketing but who is simply too busy to get many projects completed. That is where we can help. We specialize in helping small- and medium-sized business grow exponentially by expanding the output of their marketing and promotional communications.

We only accept a handful of new clients each quarter and are highly selective.

** Marketing Communications for the Internet Market

** Marketing Communications for the B-2-B Market

** Marketing Communications for the Self-Help Market

** Marketing Communications for the Alternative Health Market

** Marketing Communications for the Financial Market

** Marketing Communications for the Travel Market

** Marketing Communications for the Martial Arts Market

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