Bob Speaking at Seminar

In the past few years, we’ve been providing on-site training and seminars, in both Europe and North America, on copywriting, online marketing, business writing and more. Here is what one of our customers said about the training they received:

Henning“Robert Henderson spent a week with our Publishing Company and taught us the art of video promotions. He is an outstanding expert on this topic and we learned a lot of things that will help us to do more successful marketing. He is also an expert in classic copywriting and provided many helpful tips for our promotions. Robert is a friendly and helpful guy with a great sense of humor, which makes working with him a real pleasure. I’m sure that his efforts with us will generate a huge boost in success. I’m looking forward to work with him again.”
Henning Hohmann
Copywriter and Direct Marketing Consultant

To see highlights of a recent one-hour presentation at the annual AWAI Copywriting Bootcamp in Delrey Beach, Florida, click the image below:

Snapshot 1 (1-26-2016 3-49 PM)

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